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Residential Moving Services

Residential moving can be less stressful and confusing once professional movers assist you with relocation. By hiring Easy Moving Calgary things become way more effortless and faster!  

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As moving is typically a complex process with numerous things that should be taken into account to complete it properly, we offer efficient and reliable residential moving services. With such one can be sure that all the hard work regarding residential moving would be accomplished from A to Z!

Professional Residential Movers at an Affordable Price in Calgary

We are an experienced residential moving company in Calgary with a skilled crew and all the necessary equipment to make residential moving comfortable, hassle-free, and for a reasonable price!

With plenty of successfully accomplished relocations, at Easy Moving we provide a wide range of residential moving services, thus each of our customers can be sure to get the specific options for their needs.

Starting from packing services and disassembling your belongings at the first stage to loading, transporting, and unloading them once we arrive at the destination, each of the steps would be taken professionally and with the care of your items to guarantee the safety of the residential moving process.   

When hiring Easy Moving you can get an approximate estimate even before our professional movers will start doing their job, thus we offer transparent service and are concerned to give you full control of the process but without spending your time and effort!

Feel free about your relocation with top-notch residential movers, who knows how to complete such a complex thing in a well-structured and cost-effective way. Once you contact us we will take all the hard work and planning, so you can just relax and enjoy your move!  

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Residential Personal Moving Plan


With Easy Moving you can get various residential moving services for your needs. Our moving company offers both local and long-distance residential moving, provides packing supplies to help box all of the belongings and then unpack and place them after unloading, also we listen to your wishes to make everything properly. Thus, each of the stages of the relocation process can be easily accomplished with our professional movers.

Residential Moving Services With Professionals

We provide a comfortable moving plan for your personal move. When hiring us you can get: 

Short and long-distance services

The distance is not a challenge for us, thus when seeking a moving company that can complete your relocation from one city to another, we can help as our movers are well prepared for such tasks.

Storage and packing services

Our residential movers can pack your belongings before transporting and ensure that fragile items are well protected, as we provide packing supplies for such needs. Also, some belongings can be stored until you need them. 

Disassembling and reassembling

The distance is not a challenge for us, thus when seeking a moving company that can complete your relocation from one city to another, we can help as our movers are well prepared for such tasks.

Loading, transporting, and unloading

With equipped trucks and skilled crew, all your belongings would be carefully loaded and then safely transported and unloaded at the destination.  

Placing and cleaning

Once everything is unloaded, our movers will place your belongings exactly where you want them to be at your house. Also, we offer moving-out cleaning, so you can feel free about any work regarding the relocation process, as we take such on our side. 

Top Rated Residential Moving Company


Enjoy your residential move without any worries and headaches, as a skilled and professional team of movers can make everything faster, easier, and on time!

We provide comprehensive options for residential move and a transparent service model, thus you control the process and also receive the essential information about your future move before we even start.

Our benefits include:

  • Service customization for specific needs. Depending on your needs you can customize our services. Besides delivery services, we also offer packing services, storing, cleaning, assembling, placing, etc. Thus, you can pick specific options you may need for your move.
  • Approximate estimate before hiring us. To make the process transparent, we provide a free quote for service before confirming the order.
  • Professional team and equipment. Our movers are skilled and experienced professionals who know how to do their job in the best way. Also, our trucks are fully equipped and have regular maintenance to guarantee safe moving.
  • On-time pickup and delivery. When hiring us, you can be sure everything will be made on time without any delays, as we appreciate your time and our reputation.
  • Safety during the whole process. We provide insurance coverage (Cargo and General Liability), professional movers crew, and make all the necessary preparations such as packing the fragile items, to ensure your move would be safe.

So when seeking a moving company for your needs, we are here to assist!

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There are items I don't need any longer, can you dump them?

Yes, we not only transport your items but can also dump some of these if you don’t need them. 

When should I pay for the service?

You pay once all the work is done and after you ensure your items were delivered safely.

I've purchased new furniture, can you deliver it from the store?

Yes, we can offer a delivery from other places alongside transporting things from your old house.

How can you ensure fragile items safely?

For delicate and valuable things transportation we use packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc to protect them.

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