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Are you tired of the hassle and worries that come with packing for the move? Easy Moving team of professional movers in Calgary can turn your moving experience into a stress-free enjoyment.

We know that it can be a daunting task to pack all the belongings. But with our packing services in Calgary, you can be sure that everything is properly packed and ready for safe transportation.

Packing Services in Calgary

Affordable professional packing services

Aren’t you tired of spending a fortune on various packing services? Look no further than Easy Moving company. We are an experienced team of professional packers that can be entrusted with all types of moving and loading solutions to any location at affordable prices.

If you want to get nothing worse than the highest quality, check out our unique and creative approach to packing. We use the best techniques and materials and carefully sort, pack and prepare all items for safe transportation.

So why break the bank on expensive packing works when you can get affordable, high-quality solutions from Easy Moving Company? Contact us today to learn more about our moving and packing services in Calgary.

A Calgary Moving Company You Can Trust

Customized Solutions

We tailor solutions exactly to your needs and budget. Whether you need just help to pack your stuff or full-cycle moving, it’s all at our address.

Modern approach

When moving and packing various stuff (from furniture to fragile items), we use custom boxes and other materials and special labeling to make sure everything arrives at a new location in the same condition.

Transparent pricing

Easy Moving follows the approach of being completely transparent with clients and providing only upfront and honest information to keep everyone in the loop.

Professional packers

We hire only experienced and determined professionals to ensure you always get the highest quality solution. They make packing services feel like peace of mind.

Advanced equipment and vehicles

Our specially equipped trucks and custom crates ensure all items are transported without any scratches or dings. We offer our customers all needed supplies for safe and proper packing.

Reliable services

When our customers work with us, they are nothing less than happy and satisfied as we deliver everything on time and on budget. Moreover, we take good care of all the belongings.

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We also provide unpacking services

When you are planning the move, remember that it is not only boxing, loading, and transporting. Once you have reached your new home or office, you need to put everything in their places, install appliances and assemble the furniture. Sounds like another hassle to worry about, don’t you think?

That is why unpacking solutions are no less important than packing. Our professional packers provide you with high-quality solutions so that you can just walk into a new home or office building and enjoy your new destination. Once you are in need of packing services in Calgary, consider ordering unpacking ones as well.

Custom moving solutions for your home or office

Loading done
As we have already mentioned, Easy Moving is not just a title. Our enterprise provides a number of other additional services that can handle your move from the very beginning to the end.

Other moving solutions you can find at our enterprise include:

  • Long-distance moving
  • Local moving
  • Storage Services
  • Specialty moving
  • Office moving
  • Senior Moving
  • Packing materials

Whatever you might need, you have reached the right address at our moving company.

Packing for long-distance and local moving

When it comes to moving, the main principles are the same for all types of relocations. However, there are some things that differ that you should be aware of.

Packing all the stuff for long-distance moving requires rather careful and thorough planning. All your stuff is going to travel a long distance, so every single item (furniture, appliances, fragile items, artwork, etc.) has to be properly packed to arrive at your destination in good condition.

Local moving is generally less complicated but still has some differences to consider. First of all, you need to use lighter-weight materials to pack and agree on two locations to properly schedule the move and prior packing.

In conclusion, whether you’re preparing for a long-distance or local move, understand the differences in preparation for each type of move, and you can ensure smooth and successful loading and transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying for packing?

Of course, it is worth paying for packing services. Your belongings will be handled professionally, and everything will be packed properly. Labels, no stress, and hassle, only thanks to experienced packers.

How much does it cost to pack a house for moving?

On the whole, the price is defined by the number of personal things to be packed, their sizes, distance, and other particular features. For example, a house with more appliances will be more expensive to pack. In contrast, a house with numerous artworks and fragile items will be even more costly, and high-quality packers may charge you from $700 to $10000.

How long before moving house should you start packing?

When it comes to moving house, it’s important to start to pack as early as possible. There is a good rule to start it at least 4-6 weeks before your moving date. It also depends on the size of your home and the amount of stuff you have. But the earlier you start, the less stress you have.

What packing supplies are used?

There are different packing supplies to protect your belongings during the move. The most common are sturdy moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper, and furniture blankets. There are also special crates for fragile items. As follows, the type of packing materials depends precisely on the type of items that have to be protected during transportation.

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