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Moving from Calgary to Vancouver


Packing and moving your whole life to a new city was never that easy!

Moving From Calgary To Vancouver With Professionals

Cross province is a really important decision that comes with lots of headaches. How to fit your whole life in a van without damaging or losing track of your belongings?  The answer is simple. You need to hire a professional team of movers who knows how to take care of your goods and specialize in long-distance moving!


Vancouver to Calgary movers services

Moving from Vancouver to Calgary or from Calgary to Vancouver might seem tricky, but not for us! The experienced team will calculate and provide you with a plan for your moving out date, considering your particular needs. The next step would be packing your belongings, including fragile items and moving everything to a different province on our own trucks. In your new location, our team will unpack everything and as well place everything according to your wishes. 

We’re are always here to help no matter how difficult it may seem! Get a free moving quote or contact us directly to get the moving cost from Calgary to Vancouver!


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    Why is it better to move from Calgary to Vancouver with us?

    If you’re planning on moving from Calgary to Vancouver then you should consider hiring professional movers. Trusting your friend or a relative with moving won’t secure your belongings from damage. Turning to the movers’ team will guarantee the safety of all your items and for an additional cost, you’ll have insurance that will cover any damage or loss. We offer different types of insurance that depend on the company plan of your choosing! 

    Moving companies from Calgary to Vancouver could be complicated, especially if you don’t want to lose time for your company to be back in business. Our team has lots of experience moving offices, businesses and even warehouses. We have been moving companies from Calgary to Vancouver for years. You can trust us with disassembling your equipment, as well as packing and labeling furniture etc. If you’re interested in relocating your business, give us a call so we can come up with a specially designed moving plan that will match your budget and schedule!

    How do Calgary to Vancouver movers take care of your items?
    Why is it better to move from Calgary to Vancouver with us?

    How do Vancouver to Calgary movers take care of your items?

    We believe efficiency is the key! That’s why our staff is always there on time to pack your furniture, appliances and personal belongings making sure everything would be secure, especially the fragile items. You can trust us packing glass made items, mirrors, pieces of art, marble made pieces as well as expensive kitchen appliances, musical instruments and other valuable items. 

    We take care of your belongings like it’s our own. Vancouver to Calgary movers will blanket and tape every single piece of your items, so you don’t need to worry about scratches on your new table or dresser. 

    We can pack everything from a kitchen counter to tableware and clothing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to prepare boxes with your kids’ toys, we can pack everything ourselves while you are taking a break. 

    And you should not worry about all the mess moving out can cause, as we offer moving out cleaning services.

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    When do we pay for the move?

    We accept payment after the service is performed by cash, card or check. You get an estimated quote and agreement listing company information and all services. So there are no hidden fees!

    Who should I hire when moving from Calgary to Vancouver or another location?

    You should definitely consider all pros & cons of each company. At Easy Moving Calgary we have a professional team and a number of benefits for our clients like insurance etc. We have been on the market a long time and have great reviews from clients all over Canada that trusted us! With us, you’re getting a high level of experience and professionalism.

    Do you have secure storage?

    We work with a number of storage units all over Canada, so we can ensure that your belongings are kept safe.

    How can I move to Calgary cheaply?

    By choosing Easy Moving Calgary! We have the best offers for our clients. We care not only about your items but about your wallet too!

    Moving from Calgary to Vancouver and more across Canada

    Moving Calgary to Vancouver is not our only specialty. You can book our company no matter if you need to move all the way to Toronto or somewhere across Alberta. We cover cities from British Columbia to Ontario.

    We offer residential and office long distance moving services from Calgary to Winnipeg, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton. You can trust our team to deliver your fragile items, furniture, personal belongings, office or kitchen appliances across the whole of Canada. Check our website for detailed information about connections that suit your needs.

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