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Meet Emma and James. They bought a new house and had to move from Calgary to Toronto. But before moving into the new home directly they had to live in an apartment until their new house was ready. Emma and James have got through the whole relocation process without all too much stress. They have been working as usual, didn’t have to take days off to pack, and had time on their hands for the kids. Emma and James managed to have a smooth long distance move because they contacted our team for qualified services of long distance moving.

Commercial moving in Calgary.

Do you also have upcoming move over long distance? Are you getting stressed from the very thought of time-consuming and exhaustive process and countless to-dos?  Want to avoid the chores of packing and loading? Then we have a marvellous solution. Our qualified team of skillful packers and loaders would take over all the moving-related routine. With us your relocation – regardless of how far the new location is – would be smooth and effortless.

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Long Distance Movers in Calgary

Our moving company in Calgary are pros of long distance resettlement. It doesn’t matter if you have to relocate across the province, to another city in Canada, different edge of the continent, or even overseas. We can turn your move management from daunting and perplexing into uncomplicated and stress-free.

Whether you have residential or commercial move in mind, we provide a full range of services for worry-free relocation. Should you need to stock your possessions or office equipment somewhere, we offer secured storage premises for that purpose. With us you’ll get excellent moving experience at clear and economical prices.

Long distance moving company Calgary.

Long Distance Moving Services You Can Trust


As each type of resettlement, smooth long distance moving is defined by the principal features such as professionalism, flexibility, and punctuality. Our long distance movers have those features as we strive for the highest quality of services and customers’ satisfaction.

Our customers leave us positive references which mark excellent performance and individual approach by our team. Check them on our website if you`re interested.

What makes our firm stand out as a leader and reliable partner for cross-province, cross-country, or cross-continent relocation? Here we collected the main features:

Skillful dismounting and mounting of furniture;

Moving of massive household appliances, furniture, and pianos;

Furniture and household appliances’ wrapping (with shrinks and blankets) to avert potential damages;

Supplementary floor coverings for extra protection. No damage to walls, floors, stairs!

Complete range of packing services. Extra care given to fragile items to deliver them safe and sound.

Storage facilities;

Well-trained and insured personnel;

Straightforward cost estimation – no hidden charges!

Our Long Distance Moving Process

As a long distance moving company we work according to established procedures. This brings in stability and smoothness in any relocation. Of course, each resettlement is unique, so we adjust our typical process based on the specific needs.


In general, our process looks as follows:

  1. You contact us describing the situation (where from, where to, what, when).

  2. Our managers prepare a cost estimation given the request.

  3. Our specialists look in detail at the upcoming relocation and consult you on the optimal ways to go around it. They also make a rough estimation when it comes to the number of packers and loaders as well as specific equipment needed for a successful resettlement. It’s up to you to decide if you opt for all-encompassing moving assistance or choose to pack belongings yourselves and use only loading and transporting aid.

  4. On the agreed date our staff shows up to proceed as agreed with you. Being flexible, we offer assistance on the weekend or holidays or late at night. The specialists`ll arrive on spot punctually to launch the moving.

  5. After the oversized furniture has been disassembled and the belongings are crated, the items are being loaded into the customized vans. They have securing straps and fastenings to ensure safe transportation.

  6. The objects are being transported to a new location. We guarantee punctual arrival!

  7. The loaders would unload the items and even bring them to the particular rooms or offices. They would also assemble furniture and install the office equipment. They can accommodate your specific recommendations, so you won`t need to arrange a house or office from scratch.
  8. And there you go – enjoy a new start after care-free relocation carried out by our crew.
Long distance movers in Calgary.
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