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Complete Guide To Tipping Mover In Canada


Tipping is a common thing in various service sectors. The tip amount may vary depending on the type of particular service. Most commonly, people tip around 15-20% of the total cost of the job. However, slightly different rules apply when it comes to tipping movers. Here, it is worth considering rather how much you are willing to pay someone for a full or part-time job, as well as the quality of the work performed.

This guide will try to give you better knowledge about moving services and how much to tip movers in Canada to make things easier for you on your next move.

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Thus, it is quite difficult to know for sure how much effort the process may take in each particular case and how much to tip movers in Canada. This is why people decide to tip movers, as the amount of effort involved will vary from move to move. Moreover, if the job is done with high quality and according to your plan, a tip is always a nice bonus and gratitude to the movers, which additionally motivates the crew to continue in the same way as such complete tasks responsibly, on time, and concerning the client’s wishes.

Why Should You Tip Your Movers?

Tipping is a rather individual thing so it mainly depends on the person’s desire. In some sectors, the price for the service is fixed, thus tips may not be so common there. However, every moving process is different, which is why tipping movers is a common occurrence.

One of the main reasons for tipping here is that it’s impossible to make a generic pattern for every order. Sometimes a move can be quite easy for a short distance with few things, which means that the moving crew can quickly get the job done in little time and effort. At the same time, in other cases, for example, during commercial moves, the moving team may take much more time due to a large number of items, including bulky ones, which must first be disassembled, loaded into a truck, then unloaded, reassembled and placed in a new office. Same with moving from high-rise buildings, when items must first be taken out of the apartment and then lowered from the upper floors to the first floor and vice versa if you are moving from a house to an apartment. That is, each order is completely individual.

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How Much To Tip Movers?


Tip amount may vary depending on many factors. Here it is worth paying attention to such criteria as the distance between the starting point and the destination, the number, and size of items that need to be transported, the complexity of loading/unloading processes, as well as the mover’s professionalism and quality of their job.

When it comes to the amount of money you can tip movers, the most common pattern looks next way:

  • If the moving process takes a half-day (4 hours or less), then tips are usually $20-30 per person.
  • If the moving process takes a full day (about 8 hours), tips are often in the range of $40-50 per person.
  • If the process takes the entire moving day (10-12 hours or more), you can tip movers for $50-80 per person or more, depending on the complexity and quality of the work done.

Besides that, important factors to consider when tipping movers also include:

  • How organized the move is, namely, if your belongings are already packed, if there are items that need to be disassembled first, if there are fragile items that need protection during transportation, etc. If all your belongings are already prepared for the move and all that’s left for the team is to simply bring and load them into the truck, then there can be a standard tip. At the same time, if the team needs to do a lot of preparatory work and the job is well done, the movers can be thanked with additional tips.
  • Weather conditions are also a thing here. Whether it is heat, rain, fog, or heavy snow, all of these can make the moving process more difficult and longer, both when loading and unloading items, and on the road when transporting. That is why the factor of weather conditions is worth paying attention to when tipping movers.
  • Whether it is necessary to carry/bring things down or up the stairs, and if there are oversized ones. If the building does not have a suitable elevator that can be used for large and bulky items and the job should be done manually, then such cases imply additional physical activity, especially when it comes to moving for long distances with a lot of things. These factors are generally taken into account when choosing a tip amount as well.

Tip Long Distance Movers

When it comes to long distance moves, it’s best to choose a tip amount based on the number of hours the team spent on the job, rather than a percentage of the total cost of the service. One of the main reasons for this is that when relocating over long distances or hiring cross country movers, it is highly likely that different teams of movers will perform the job (one team at the starting point, and another at a new location, while the driver can be the same). Thus, when you’re deciding how much you can tip long distance movers, pay attention to the number of hours a particular crew has put into the moving and loading/unloading processes. Also, you typically will be tipping movers twice in such cases, since different groups are doing the work. However, depending on the company you hire, one group of movers can do all the work as well.

If you find it complicated to decide how much you can tip long distance movers, you can always contact your company to clarify how many crew members will be involved in the process and if there will be one or two groups of professional movers. Moreover, you can also ask the moving company for details about how much other clients usually tip movers in similar cases.      

In general, the average tip for long distance services is $50-100 per person. The amount of tips depends on the quality of the work performed, the hours spent, and the complexity of the task.

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Tip Local Movers

Unlike long distance moves and hiring cross country movers, in the case of local moves, the whole process is usually easier, and the work is also done by one team of movers, consisting of several people, including the driver.

Generally, tips are given already at the end of the move and unloading items. Average tips for short distance moves are in the range of $20-40 per person, depending on the time spent and the complexity of the task. Besides that, when you decide how much to tip local movers, you can also use the rule of 10-15% of the total cost of moving services, because relocations within one city or suburbs are much cheaper than moving between cities or across the state.

Also, if you find it difficult to decide how much to tip movers in Canada, you can discuss this issue with your company consultant. You can tell more about the move, which will allow you to get a more detailed idea of ​​​​the movers’ work in your particular case so that you will find the best tips rates. 

When Should You Tip Your Movers?

Tip movers when you are satisfied with the work done. Since moving is a rather complex and multi-layered process, it requires that all tasks are responsibly performed from A to Z.

Pay attention to how your items are packed, disassembled, loaded into the van, protected during transportation (for example in the case of fragile items), unloaded, and reassembled. Besides that, the workflow organization also matters, for example, whether the movers arrived on time, if all the services you picked were accomplished, etc. If you are fully satisfied with your move, and your belongings were delivered safely, then you can tip movers as a thank you for their work and professionalism.

Also, if the team is efficient, takes good care of items and property, and is friendly, tipping is a nice gesture of gratitude in such a case.

Finally, you can decide how much to tip movers in Canada either at the end of the move or reveal your intention to tip right from the start to encourage the crew. In addition to this, if you are moving for long distances there is a chance that two different movers teams will do the work. Thus, if you wish to tip for packing and loading items into the truck from your old home, be sure to do it in the middle of the process, as there will be other movers at the destination point.

When You Can Avoid Tipping Movers?

Usually, people refuse to tip movers if the price does not match the quality of the service. There are many reasons why you might not want to tip. The most common cases include:

  • Your items were damaged or broken during loading, transportation, or unloading.
  • Not all services you paid for were completed.
  • The movers showed up later than the appointed time without a good reason.
  • The movers are careless with your belongings, and apartments or show disrespect
  • Too much time is spent on breaks, which delays the process

In general, tip movers or not is entirely up to you. If you are unhappy with the way your move was organized, or if you run into problems due to unprofessional movers, refusing to tip is fully justified in such cases.
Also, if you face issues related to the movers, do not forget to make a report to the company you hired.

What Is The Best Way/Method To Tip Movers?

This method is among the common and handy ones. Prepare cash upfront and give it to the crew members when the job is done. Cash tip is a convenient option as a mover can easily spend $20-30 in a store for drinks or snacks after work, or leave cash for a suitable occasion. However, be sure to check if this method is in line with company policy.

If you don’t have cash or this method of tipping is not accepted by the company, a credit card is a quick and great way to thank movers for their work.

In addition to money, movers can also be offered to buy drinks, for example, on a hot day, or order pizza for a lunch break. After all, gratitude for work is not always limited to money.

Best Tip – To Leave A Review For Your Movers

Your review is an important thing to do after the move has been completed. It does not take much time, but it plays a significant role. If you are satisfied with the work of movers or, on the contrary, disappointed, describe your situation.
Reviews help other people find a reliable company and avoid non-professional movers. In addition, feedback on the work done also allows companies to improve the quality of their services by correcting errors and listening to the client’s needs.
That’s why, when tipping, don’t forget to give your impressions as well!

Hire A Professional Moving Company

Choosing a reliable moving company will make your life much easier. Items packing, loading, transportation, and placing in the new house or office are quite laborious processes that often involve stress and take a lot of time and effort.
By hiring professional movers with an excellent reputation, you can avoid risks and get the desired result without worry, because all tasks will be carried out from A to Z by an experienced and skilled crew.
Whether you are looking for a moving company or planning to relocate in the near future, EasyMovingCalgary can make your wish come true in the most comfortable way. Contact us and describe your situation or get a free quote on our website and make your move easy and hassle-free!

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