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Antique Moving in Calgary


Moving fine art and antiques has its own set of challenges – all items must be handled with absolute care.

Our teams’ expertise in fine art and antique moving sets us apart from the competition.

An antique chest of drawers with a ceramic lamp on it is preparing for antique moving.
  • We will make use of larger moving power tailgate trucks that have enough room to store sensitive stuff.
  • We will meticulously prepare your treasures and antiques for transportation, employing multiple layers of security and protective packaging.
  • Our sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden crates for smaller things will be used for packing antiques.
  • For larger products, we will utilize plastic or bespoke boxes.
  • Glassware and other fragile goods will be stored and transported in plastic containers or bins with extra bubble wrap to prevent breakage, dust, or water damage.

Antique & Fine Art Moving Services

The most effective method for moving antiques is to work with a reputable antique moving company in Calgary and across the whole of Alberta.

Our reliable moving transport, professional packing supplies, years of experience, and thorough expertise are provided by our knowledgeable movers to carefully pack, load, and relocate your antique furniture and goods to their new location.

Reputable and trustworthy professional antique movers, such as The Easy Moving Calgary, will make sure your unique fine art, antique furniture, and valuable items are relocated securely, stress-free, and within your budget.
We possess professional knowledge and experience in how to protect your treasures and family heirlooms.

We are the movers who will pack for you! It is helpful to know and understand how critical it is to use the proper tools while transferring antiques securely to a new destination.

Antique furniture, paintings, lamps, and mirrors are examples of delicate items that need to be wood-crated, cushioned, padded, or covered with breathable materials and foam to keep them from breaking.

An antique armchair and glass dining table were delivered with absolute care by the antique moving company Easy Moving Calgary.

When you are moving antiques and fine art items, you will require professional assistance from an antique moving company, call The Easy Moving Calgary today!

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